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Remember how fun playing games like dodgeball and tail-tag was as a kid? Now imagine you had a sword, some throwing-knives and a smoke-bomb at hand to make things even more interesting!

Kitsuninjas is an arena fighting game for 2-4 players, set in the feudal (and animal) kingdom of Japan. The game is being developed as a 2nd-year university project by Funsize Bonsais, a collective of game design students at Uppsala University, Campus Gotland.

Goal of the game

Score as many points as possible during a match.  You score points by defeating your opponents in hand-to-hand and ranged combat, and by capturing and holding on to the flag.

How to play

The game is local multiplayer and meant to be played with handheld controllers. On game startup you will enter the game lobby where the control schemes are explained and you can experiment with them, as well as interact with game objects in a sandbox-setting. Press Join to see your character appear.

One player can also join with keyboard, but be advised that the game is not optimised for keyboard controls, and that player may be at a disadvantage (so you can use that as an excuse if you lose!).

The Team

Axel Thomsen - Programming
Erik Norstedt - Level Design / Additional Art / Product Owner
Felix Almqvist - Programming
Lukas Larsson - 3D Models / Animations / VFX / Concept Art  
Marcel Lang - 3D Models / Textures / Concept Art
Oliver Marklund - Project Mngr / Additional Art / Scrum Master
Pelle Forsmark - Production / Audio / Playtesting
Amanda Östman - Music


Please take a moment to fill out our playtest questionnaire to help us improve the game. We would be very grateful for any feedback you have to give!


Install instructions

Download the zip-file and extract the files on your computer. Start the game by double-clicking the program file "Kitsuninjas.exe".

If you don't have an Xbox controller but have a bunch of PlayStation controllers, you can download DS4Windows  here  to use them exactly like you would an Xbox controller.

Unfortunately  for Mac users, building our project for Mac would have required  a Mac, which none of us owned.  We apologize for the inconvenience!


Kitsuninjas.zip 471 MB

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